Successful cDevWorkflow Implementations

Easy to use, feature rich environment. Competes with the big players at a fraction of the cost.

Comments: From a cost/value perspective cDevWorkfDirectworkslow wins by a longshot.


  • The product is easy to use. Our requirement was to have BAs, not developers, building processes. Many BPM solutions out there claim ease of use, but don’t really have it when you test it with BAs. It’s also easier to install than many of the products out there. AgilePoint, for example, requires a huge infrastructure for a small install (if you don’t use their cloud product).
  • Customizable. APIs are available that let you do almost anything with this product. Further, you can build custom steps and types without the help of professional services. AgilePoint, K2, and Skelta are the other major .Net players with rich APIs that support embedding – each of which fail on the ease of use metric. Additionally, AgilePoint doesn’t have many customers that embed, Skelta typically does their own integrations, and K2 requires a lot more upfront work to create predefined SmartObjects.
  • Feature rich. They have built some useful administration features that often are missing from the larger players. For one, you can go back to a prior step with the data that existed at that step. This is critical in any organization. For example, a user has a “yes”, “no” choice task, they often pick the wrong answer by accident and want the workflow reset. This is possible through admin functionality.

The customer service is very good. They have extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff.


  • The rules engine is pretty basic. You have the flexibility to write whatever rules you want, but there isn’t much management over creating those rules.

~ Monica Barback, Directworks Inc.

The cDevWorkflow BPM workflow software provides excellent cost of ownership and fast to market development. We are able to quickly design and implement approval and task management processes with routing and email notifications, that work within our web, mobile and desktop applications.
The Workflow Engine has been able to efficiently manage large numbers of workflow instances and tasks by just scaling the application server. cDevWorkflow provides a .Net API and Web service API that allows us to create custom steps that executed effectively with our custom workflow definitions. cDevWorkflow has been an excellent business processing management tool for enhancing all our enterprise solutions that require workflow. The out of box designers for workflow, task, and forms allows us to create fast proof of concepts that can be extended into full blown solutions.

~ Jose Vega, Chief Developer

Successful cDevWorkflow based Software Document Control Implementation

My company develops systems and services to meetSuccessful Workflow .NET Software Implementation the needs of our industrial engineering consulting service clients here in Brazil. Engineering Consulting companies all have set procedures for managing the documents associated with a project. And most would agree that the effort required to provide revision control, track approval processes and assemble technical files for submittals is labor intensive and expensive. Our client needed a workflow tool to manage the routing of documents, approval processes and define problem areas. Following disappointing results after testing several of the workflow tools on the market, we found a likely solution with cDevWorkflow. This workflow .NET software tool, developed in .NET has met all of our needs. We quickly found that any workflow design that we wanted to create was quickly accomplished using this cDevWorkflow tool. We were successful because this tool was so easy to integrate with existing products such as Windows Forms, Web Forms, Mobile or User Interface applications. cDevWorkflow has an extensive design toolbox for the development of workflows. We also found the tool very easy to use when creating custom steps or managing the library of workflow instances that we had created.

The combination of these design tools with the workflow visualization, business intelligence and task management is why we love this tool and it fills that large gap we found with the other tools we tested.

We took full advantage of the technical support services offered by Dileepa and his staff. The cDevWorkflow team supported our design and startup needs and often shared ideas on how to implement improvements. Take my word for it. You will not find a more powerful tool with more features than this workflow software tool. I direct you all to cDevWorkflow. You will not regret it, I assure you.

~ Danilo Ruiz, Ruiz Consulting and Software

Successful cDevWorkflow Software Change Notice Implementation

We recently made the upgrade from Invensys-Skelta to cDevWorkflowSuccessful Workflow .NET Software Implementation and the results have been great. Reporting is instantaneous and user tasks arrive within seconds of completing the previous task. The move to cDevWorkflow has made our Change Notice System faster, more efficient as well as meet all our needs.

~ Joseph Eble, Regulatory Affairs Associate, SBi Innovations

Successful cDevWorkflow Software Process Implementation

The world’s best workflow .NET software engine. This next generation workflow software is for companies looking for well supported, expertly designed and easy to use, BPM solutions at competitive prices.


~ Dan Tyre, Executive at HubSpot

Successful cDevWorkflow Software Process Implementation

cDevWorkflow is a workflow .NET software engine with strong support for step configuration, administration, and customization. The community aspect to the product adds value to the product and provides lots of ROI when it comes to new ideas. The real value in the product lies in the ability to create graphical workflows, add custom fields (for computed routing) and the ability to embed and define custom outputs. It features all of the traditional workflow features (multi-step, branches, etc) but it comes with the important additional feature – the community – which helps further the application’s features as well as provides a place for birds of a feature to find out new implementation methods and support.

~ Yogesh

Successful cDevWorkflow Software Process Implementation

I particularly liked the visual composition environment and ability to customize the steps. As time goes on, and as the community develops more steps, then menus of steps will make it easy to design and implement workflows as easily as drawing a diagram in Visio. In addition it is useful that you have an interface to Enterprise Service Buses. I am encountering them ever more frequently in my Cyber Security Practice since the system architects are following NIST and DHS in standardizing around them. Great work done by you guys.

~ Dr. Joel Dubow, Cyber Team Leader

Successful cDevWorkflow Software Cloud HR Process Implementation

We knew that a sophisticated workflowSuccessful Workflow .NET Software Implementation engine was going to be a critical component of our planned HR management system. During our planning phase we literally scoured the world for an engine that would meet our needs:

  • It had to be Microsoft .Net based
  • It had to be easy to use
  • It had to be able to integrate into DotNetNuke which was our platform of choice
  • It had to be easily extensible
  • It had to be affordable

After months of looking and talking to many vendors we were getting discouraged. The vendors we visited with had highly proprietary engines with big price tags and long implementation times. We looked at a few open source offerings but none were available on a .net platform. Also, these open source systems seemed more hung up on implementing BPMN standards then they were at actually getting the job done. We’re bottom line kind of guys and standards or no we know we just have to get the job done and done efficiently.

We finally stumbled upon cDevWorkflow and were hooked! The cDevWorkflow team took the time to discuss our project, offer recommendations and get us rolling quickly. They also proved how easily extensible cDevWorkflow is by quickly building some custom functionality we needed – functionality that is now available to all cDevWorkflow users.

We’re currently wrapping up work on Version 1 of our HR system and we couldn’t be happier. cDevWorkflow is allowing us to deliver a product that is powerful and cost affordable. With the addition of cDevWorkflow to our HR system we’re confident we’ve got a winner!

We have integrated cDevWorkflow into our HR management platform and it has been outstanding! Every request for new features and functionality has been rapidly met by Dileepa and his team and the product just keeps getting better and better. For anyone that wants to add real BPM and workflow into their system at an affordable price I would highly recommend cDevWorkflow – we looked at about a dozen products before deciding on cDevWorkflow and we really made the right move.

~ Jeff Russell, CEO, GeniusHR

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