Web Service API

Web Service API

Web Service API utility for cDevWorkflow


Our Web Service API for cDevWorkflow includes a full set of service calls to perform Design and Run time actions.



Each of the services can be accessed using the following URLs:

Design –http://YourServer/cdevworkflow/cDevWorkflow.cDevDeWebService.DesignService.svc


Event Service Bus (ESB)http://YourServer/cdevworkflow/cDevWorkflow.cDevDeWebService.EventServiceBus.svc

web service api documentation



Web Service API Sample Code

Here is sample code showing how to use the Web Service

//create the runtime object using the reference to the webservice
oRuntime = new cDevRuntimeService.RuntimeServiceClient();

//set the user for the runtime object
bool bFlag=oRuntime.setUser(clsConfig.workflowUser);

In order to make Web Service calls, you must first call the method “setUser“, this establishes the user context to use when making Web Service calls.

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