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Version History

August 22

cDevWorkflow -> FlowWright

Product re branded to FlowWright
July 14


  • Statistics service that collects usage data and execution runtime statistics from Workflow Instances
  • Task Activity-Display open and over due tasks grouped by each user
  • Database Steps-Database steps now can change the database on a connection
  • Step Validation context  enhanced
  • Localization-Workflow designer now supports localized languages
  • Localization-Localization maintenance UI and API
  • ESB engine performance counters
  • Workflow engine performance counters
  • Artificial wait for long running processes
  • Artificial waits are rendered on the diagram
  • Workflow engine uses round-robin for processing multiple tenant databases
  • Update license by connecting to cDevWorkflow licensing server
  • Complete upgrade to the forms designer for supporting form widgets
  • Build, maintain and use form widget controls within forms
  • Form Widgets-15 standard UI controls, 15 custom form widgets, including page navigation controls
  • Documentation on how to build Form Widgets – 3 examples
  • Definition step statistics-Display statistics for each step
  • Instance step statistics-Display statistics for each step
  • Version Changes-Apply individual configuration changes
  • Subscribe to cDevWorkflow events using web hooks
  • Worker processes will use system user to authenticate and perform operations
  • Send messages to Azure event hub and service bus
  • Send messages and files to slack channels
  • Send text messages to mobile phones through Twilio sms service
  • Send error, warning and information messages to cDevWorkflow system log
  • List of tasks for the current user in a calendar view
  • Email Step now supports file attachments
  • API is now available as a NuGet package, add all necessary API files right from Visual Studio
April 29


Maintenance build to - minor updates and fixes
March 3


  • SQL Query tool
  • Instances by user - for admin users only
  • Definitions by user - for admin users only
  • Synchronize dashboards, layouts, widgets and reports
  • 2 new Wait steps
  • Xml to CSV and Excel steps
  • Widgets for displaying error information
February 13


  • Use custom row and column delimiters
  • Search and replace existing delimiters with new ones
  • Step interface now offers a validation interface method for performing custom validation
  • Show sub-workflow open tasks for instance
  • Performance optimization on variable and business object expression evaluation
  • Definition comments
  • Create and execute Instances from the designer
  • Rendering of definition comments within the history
  • Definition tags feature
  • New FTP steps for handling FTP operations
  • Bidirectional synchronization between environments
  • Request new steps, data types, etc. from cDevWorkflow through the Configuration Manager UI
  • Workflow designer toolbox upgraded with new look and feel
December 5

Version 9.1

  • Synchronize data types, steps, events, business objects, workflow definitions, form definitions between cDevWorkflow environments
  • Manage report template files and report data providers. Execute and render reports contents
  • Route tasks to queues, select and assign tasks from the queue to users
  • Manage queues, view items, assign and un assign items from the queue
  • Required fields are red, after entering values turns to green to indicate the field has a value
  • Drag and drop a definition xml file to create the definition
  • Execution iteration compression, only keeps the last execution iteration
  • Form toolbox now has the button control
  • Control what categories of steps a regular user has access to within the workflow designer
  • Configure clean up settings for automatically cleaning error log entries, history items, engine alerts and temporary files
  • Configuration settings for cleaning up archived items automatically
  • Error log will display messages on # of items cleaned up and time taken to clean the items
  • Task open event gets generated within cDevWorkflow when a task is created
  • Step error event gets generated within cDevWorkflow when a step(s) encounter errors while executing
  • Task table with open tasks are displayed with priority colors
  • Engine time setting for no-work, when the engine has no work to perform, engine automatically throttles back to a lower rate to reduce chatter
  • Route tasks to queue step
  • Get users for a role step
  • REST call step
  • Error log will display messages from archival on # of items archived and time taken to archive
  • Send anonymous usage data to cDevWorkflow
August 1

Version 9.0

  • Manage custom widgets for dashboards
  • Manage graphical layouts for dashboards
  • Manage dashboards
  • A user is able to have any # of custom dashboards
  • Administrator configured system dashboards for users and administrators
  • Storage of foreign characters
  • Archival of Events
  • Generates the definition copy event from within cDevWorkflow
  • Sub-workflow execution priority can be set or inherited from the parent workflow
  • cDevWorkflow engine - uses child worker processes to perform work
  • ESB engine - uses child worker processes to perform work
  • Archival engine - uses child worker processes to perform work
  • Engine services - implements process throttling
  • User Connectors to Active Directory, LDAP and OLEDB, synchronize users from directory services
  • Removal of archived items after a time period
  • Display of dates within the UI  based on the culture setting, computation of dates within cDevWorkflow using the culture setting
  • Change cDevWorkflow application culture from within status UI
  • Import/Export of step templates
  • Change variable values for Workflow Instances
  • Update variables and design for waiting Instances using the definition
  • Cleanup of history and error log items after a configured amount of time
  • Process intensive tasks from the UI are now handled and processed in the background
  • UI implements server side paging for data tables
  • Send license file directly to cDevWorkflow support from UI
  • Send error logs directly to cDevWorkflow support from UI
  • Send Workflow/Form Definitions and Instances directory to cDevWorkflow support from UI
  • 4 new samples for implementing dashboard widgets
March 8

Version 8.8

  • Complete cDevWorkflow REST API
  • Performance improvements to the cDevWorkflow engine
  • Reprocess and execution of Error events
  • Display Engine events based on Engine Status
  • Improvements to the Event engine
  • Workflow Events are raised based on the Event Configuration, turn on and off each event
  • Display full version number for cDevWorkflow on the status page
  • UI change for all the required fields in all pages and popup windows, left border of fields have a red bar
  • Render a snapshot graphically within the Workflow designer
  • Service status gets a new graphical face lift, including # of items processed by each service and the heartbeat information
  • All dialogues now auto focus the cursor to the first field
  • Show count of steps in each step category
  • Designer toolbox gets a new face lift
  • Toolbar buttons are rearranged to fit smaller resolutions
  • Get the XML definition from the designer toolbar
  • Designer pages now use a consistent background color
  • Closing designer checks if the design is saved, if not, displays dialog to save
  • Designer toolbox shows the step display name
  • Implemented save steps as templates and reuse them from the toolbox
  • Template steps are categorized into “My Template Steps” and “All Template Steps”
  • Designer validation shows steps with required fields that are not completed
  • When the Definition is saved, shows validation for undefined Variables and steps with required properties
  • Step properties that use newline characters are properly escaped and handled
  • Displays type and # of items stored in the cache
  • Auto opens the designer after creating the new definition
  • Tables within cDevWorkflow now remembers sorted columns and # of items to display
  • Change in retrieval of Configuration settings data from App settings to Database stored settings
  • Creation of an undefined category when a step is auto detected
  • Redirect user to “Execute with Params” page if the executed instance contains mandatory variables to be provided
  • The rendered Instance is auto refreshed
  • Export error log as Excel, XML, PDF
  • Rendering of step properties with multiple lines
  • Various engine performance optimizations
  • Performance improvement in Dashboard
  • The Abort icon is enabled only when the instance is in “sleeping” state
  • Inclusion of Abort option in the By Status drop down
  • Changed .Net base version to 4.5
  • cDevWorkflow no longer ships the 32-bit package, only the 64-bit packages
December 3

Version 8.7

  • Business Objects - define and use business objects and their properties within any process
  • cDevWorkflow is able to generate events within itself into the ESB
  • Usage graph for ESB events
  • Import/Export event definitions, handlers and subscribers
  • Workflow designer has intellisense for variables and business objects
  • Configuration Manager help section provides Visual Studio template projects
  • Installer ships an Utility for installing template projects into Visual Studio
  • Get service information through the API
  • Data type usage graph
  • Rendering steps from the Instance view now has a detail user interface
  • Performance improvements to the event engine
  • UI changes and improvements to the Help menu
  • Step attributes for auto configuring steps
  • Data type attributes for auto configuring data types
  • Thumbnail images for data types
  • New bar graphs for events and archive, pie chart for events for the dashboard
  • Forms file attachment control supports multiple file upload
September 24

Version 8.6

  • update waiting instances based on definition design changes
  • hide form fields and sub-forms when routing
  • make form fields and sub-forms read-only when routing
  • search workflow designer toolbox for steps
  • workflow designer UI upgraded to new styles
  • setup suggestive steps and use them within the designer
  • auto detect and configure steps from DLLs
  • auto detect and configure data types from DLLs
  • step usage graph
  • upload license file to cDevWorkflow
  • manage email and application settings from the Configuration Manager
  • Email step can now email to external users
  • Task step can route tasks to external users
  • RouteForm step can route forms to external users
August 4

Version 8.5

  • new user interface that is built from ground up for performance and optimized for all devices including mobile
  • workflow/bpm dashboard
  • graphical view of step configuration
  • graphical view of step categories
  • graphical view of data types
  • separate archival service and archival configuration
  • user statistics
  • user history
  • user interface for managing logged in user's profile
May 21

Version 8.2

  • 11 Sharepoint steps that lets you perform functions on Sharepoint out of the box.
  • Workflow history for Workflow Definitions, Workflow Instances, Form Definitions and Form Instances.
  • Web-service step for making web-service calls from a process.
  • Generate output doc step - generate a pdf document from variable data and a custom template.
  • Form execute with parameters - Execute a form and instantiate a workflow instance from a single UI.
  • Export workflow definition as BPMN 2.0.
  • Updated step documentation.
  • Various Forms Designer enhancements.
January 8

Version 8.1

  • Workflow Forms Definitions - Build and manage Dynamic Form definition
  • Workflow Forms Instances - Build and manage Dynamic Form instances
  • Workflow Forms Steps - Use form steps to perform form actions within workflow instances
  • Sub-Forms - Embed workflow forms within forms
  • Detail Data Rows - Add any number of detail data rows within the form
  • Form Field visibility - Control what form fields are displayed or hidden, control them using field values and conditions
  • Form Archival - Archive form instances
  • Lookups - Perform database or web-service data lookups with form field population
  • Data Tables - Store form data directly into SQL data tables for manipulation and reporting
  • Connection Providers - Database and Web-service connection providers
  • Steps - Configuration Manager validates them by default
  • Data Types - Configuration Manager validates them by default
  • Step Documentation - Documentation for each step is provided on the step tab and step properties
  • Roles - System and Application role management
October 10

Version 8.0

  • Business Intelligence report processed by server
  • Enhanced Business Intelligence report tools
  • Upgraded Business Intelligence dashboard
  • Network Traceability - Tracks which server processed the workflow request
  • Configuration Manager uses toolbars to perform actions with less clicks
  • Instance rendering shows graphs on step and execution step count
  • Instance and Sub-Workflow instance navigation
  • Logging provider, log warnings, errors & messages
  • Logging provider API
  • Engine service cleans up generated image files
  • Create instances and provide instance execution priority
  • Engine is able to execute instances based on priority
  • Workflow designer is upgraded to use more robust HTML5 objects
  • Mark your favorite definitions
  • Mark your favorite instances
  • Workflow Definitions are grouped for ease of use
  • Workflow Instances are grouped for ease of use
  • Workflow Instance archival
July 10

Version 7.9

  • Graphic Workflow Designer update - Control what workflow step categories are displayed
  • Reset the step iteration from the step rendered view
  • Revised API - Remove user functionality
  • Rendered workflow instance view shows multiple execution paths
  • Upgrade to DevExpress v14.1
  • Remove users from UI
  • Update copy or clone step definition functionality
  • Updated API - Create step definition
  • Improved execution of a workflow instance at a given date and time
  • Engine alerts graph by status and date
  • Events graph by status and date
  • Workflow instance graph by status and date
May 2

Version 7.8

  • Sub Workflow API - get parent and sub workflows
  • API - reset back to source step
  • Create definition and open in designer
  • Configuration manager shows new version available
  • Instance rendering shows sub workflow drill down
  • Definition rendering shows sub workflow drill down
  • Workflow Link Priority
  • Runtime API execution mode
  • Removed path dependency for data types
  • Removed path dependency for steps
  • Designer shows version next to the definition name
  • Change to the licensing algorithm
March 25

Version 7.7

  • SaaS API - Full
  • Web service API
  • API optimizations
  • SaaS web service API
  • Expression evaluation class
  • Fail-over logging and monitoring
  • Automated fail-over processing
  • Step names rendered on the toolbox
  • Abort instance functionality
February 25

Version 7.6

  • Workflow Version Management
  • Upgrade to DevExpress 13.2.7
  • Snapshot management through API
  • Workflow version history, Snapshot management through workflow designer
  • Workflow graphical version comparison - Compare snapshots
  • API code optimizations
  • Engine optimizations
  • Re-ordering of menu items
January 31

Version 7.5

  • Workflow Instance rendering shows animated execution path
  • Upgrade to DevExpress 13.2.6
  • Connection API returns connection points
  • PNG export from the workflow designer
  • Fixed duplicate variable validation / definition
  • Display what steps are using a selected variable
  • Fixed chrome close designer with a message
  • Search steps containing a keyword
  • Create and manage comments within the designer
December 6

Version 7.4

  • Workflow Engine .Net execution optimizations
  • Workflow Definition pdf report
  • Workflow Instance pdf report
  • Task Workflow step timeout
  • Designer property slider issue fixed
  • Render definition can drill down to step level properties
November 5

Version 7.3

  • Improved workflow performance management on cached step data
  • Data Access now supports workflow transactions
  • Improved workflow engine performance for optimized paths
  • Improved caching of loaded step DLLs
  • New task choice step, task with configurable return values
  • Fixed strings with escape characters
October 15

Version 7.2

  • HTML5 workflow designer toolbox steps are categorized using an accordion control
  • Designer button bar changed to MS Office style toolbar
  • Engine steps log detail execution details for the audit trail
  • Performance improvements to the engine
  • Add log messages to an instance any execution point
  • Designer code upgrade
  • Upgrade to DevExpress Ver. 13.1.7
October 3

Version 7.1

  • Event bus upgrades
  • MS Access database support
  • MySQL database support
  • Instance audit trail report
  • Steps enhanced to log messages for the Instance audit trail
  • cDevWorkflow packaged using Install Shield
  • 32 & 64 bit installers
  • source upgrade package
September 18

Version 7.0

  • Oracle Workflow Support for Oracle 11g as the database back end
  • Designer shows incoming / outgoing connections for the selected step
  • Get / Set dictionary values
  • Web service api settings are automatically updated from the Configuration Manager settings
  • Upgrade to DevExpress controls Ver. 13.1.6
  • Re-Assign tasks from the Configuration Manager
  • Upload icon file for a given step
  • Status page displays the connection string
  • Workflow Designer – fixed saving of variables under Firefox
June 26

Version 6.9

  • Dynamic optimization to process unique links between steps
  • Parallel / Non-parallel workflow engine optimization
  • Configuration Manager UI optimizations
  • Workflow Engine optimization to process unique links between steps
June 6

Version 6.8

  • Improved Workflow .Net Process Modeling Software Engine
  • Upgraded workflow instance validation features
  • UI controls upgraded to DevExpress 12.2.10
  • Created new workflow step - "Rename Instance"
  • Upgraded UI code for the workflow designer
May 14

Version 6.7

  • Workflow Designer Upgrade to the Workflow designer UI code
  • Improved performance for workflow definition validation
  • Define undefined variables with single click
  • Code fix for Firefox browser
  • Automatic database table creation
April 25

Version 6.5

  • Upgraded Workflow Designer controls to version 2.8
  • New Stop step to stop the execution of the workflow
  • Render step can show the evaluated value of an expression
  • Create instance now will create the instance and execute
  • Step properties can be organized
  • Workflow designer will display properties based on order
  • Workflow Designer is able to import steps from other definitions
  • Link between steps can be set to None
April 8

Version 6.2

  • Increased performance for the workflow definition rendering engine
  • Upgrade to DevExpress controls 2.7
  • Upgrades to the Workflow Designer
March 11

Version 6.0

  • Workflow Designer enhancements
  • Additional Workflow Designer tools
February 12

Version 5.7

  • subworkflow process  definition list is sorted
  • subworkflow process, if the child fails, makes the parent workflow fail
  • Instance API now able to save input variable values for re-executing
  • Configuration Manager instance list now uses paging
  • Configuration Manager definition list now uses paging
  • Instance image is now able to render execution path only
  • UI controls are upgraded to DevExpress 12.2.6
January 18

Version 5.5

  • Upgraded the UI controls to DevExpress 12.2
  • Changed Configuration Manager status to update on page load
  • Define variables on the Workflow designer toolbar
  • Added wait image for the rendered workflow instance image
  • Fixed the step to access other return values
  • Performance improvements to the designer load code
  • Added wait image for the rendered execution view
  • Updated API to provide line colors
  • Updated API to provide execution information for any step and iteration
November 16

Version 5.3

  • Expression Evaluation performance improvement
  • Workflow analysis
  • Sorted typed collection for storing variables
  • Define variables that apply to all definitions
  • Instance variables get defaults values at startup
  • User session time out set to 30 minutes
  • Various engine performance improvements
  • Improvements to expression evaluation
September 26

Version 5.2

  • SQL Variables function updated – fixed return value
  • Performance improvements for copy definition
  • Performance improvements for workflow instancing
  • Render instance image with hot spots
  • Generate image maps for workflow
  • Specify font colors and sizes for step labels
  • Specify font colors and sizes for link return values
  • Email test tool
  • Variables sorted alphabetical order
August 6

Version 5.0

  • Enterprise Service bus heart beat monitor
  • Link context menu to remove the link
  • Link color coding
  • Popup windows for functionality
  • Button icons
  • Rich text data type
  • Workflow service heart beat monitor
  • Enterprise Service bus heart beat monitoring
  • Expression evaluation tool
  • Fix for variable case
July 2

Version 4.8

  • Workflow Evaluate Decisions step stores the result in a variable
  • Step / Action context menu
  • Remove step with confirmation
  • Copy / Paste using context menu
  • Designer – display the name of the definition
  • Error reporting from instance
  • Evaluate Decisions step stores the result in a variable
  • Clear processed engine alerts
  • Upgrade to DevExpress Version 12.1.4 UI controls
June 1

Version 4.7

  • New in memory compiled expression evaluation engine
  • Check for duplicate variables
  • Render error types in the execution view
  • Render variable states through each execution iteration
  • Map SQL data to variables step
May 14

Version 4.5

  • Defining BPM Workflow Variables from any property page
  • System data type check box
  • System step XslTransform
  • Performance improvements to workflow process engine
  • Performance improvements to rendering engine
April 25

Version 4.3

  • Business Intelligence tools enhanced
  • Google Chrome certified
  • Digitally signed DLLs
  • Tested on many cloud environments
March 14

Version 4.0

  • Workflow Engine ESB Enterprise Service Bus
  • Firefox certified
  • Variable validation
  • Error handling in the design
February 16

Version 3.8

  • Workflow Instance Sleep Upgrade
  • Wait step to make the workflow instance sleep a given number of minutes, hours or days
  • Various upgrades / fixes for the designer
  • File system steps to handle directories and files
  • Render steps using categories
January 30

Version 3.6

  • Workflow instance management and reporting
  • Link business data to the workflow instance
  • Setup expressions for link values
January 11

Version 3.5

  • Workflow Parameters executes and remembers the last used parameters
  • Step properties get auto saved
  • Prompts the user to save the definition before closing the designer
  • Executing a finish instance will automatically reset and execute
  • Custom log message at each step. Log message report from the instance view
  • Documentation field at each step
  • Link value can be set to empty, instances advances to the next step without relying on the return value of the previous step
  • If variables passed to the instance are not defined  within the workflow instance, they automatically get created within the instance
  • Reset the instance back to any step and iteration.  Continue execution from the reset step iteration
  • Evaluate multiple decisions and return a value, similar to a switch statement
  • Set multiple matrix cell values
  • Update multiple variables
  • Configuration settings caching
  • View database upgrade changes to the current version
  • View and apply configuration settings to upgrade to the current version
December 15

Version 3.0

  • SQL Workflow Instance statement executes and returns the data as a collection
  • Get an item from the collection
  • Set an item within the collection
  • Get a matrix value based on row-column position
  • Set a matrix value based on row-column position
  • Dynamically generate sub-workflow steps and execute
  • List variables for the definition at any step
  • Tooltip to show the name of the step when hovering over it
November 2

Version 2.7

  • Configuration Manager has a BI tab viewing Business Intelligence data
  • Workflow API has a full Business Intelligence class for providing BI data
September 2

Version 2.5

  • Updated User Interface controls for the workflow Configuration Manager
August 2

Version 2.0

  • Workflow Design and Runtime Webservice API
  • New workflow Step icons
June 20

Version 1.5

  • enhanced rendering engine for rendering definitions and workflow instances
  • enhanced sub-workflow step, with sub-workflow rendering
  • step and data type validation
  • step and data type import/export
  • connections between steps can be rendered as straight lines, z lines or curved lines
June 9

Version 1.1

  • Workflow Version 1.1 officially released
May 23


  • rendering graphics issues
  • select Users data type window resizing issues
  • now able to update a workflow definition by uploading an xml file
April 28


  •  Workflow engine upgrade version released
April 18

Version 1.0

  • Net Workflow Engine Version 1 officially released
February 27

Beta Version

  • Embeddable Workflow Engine Beta version goes live

cDevWorkflow Workflow Version History

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