cDevWorkflow New Year Message

cDevWorkflow Happy New Year
2015 saw cDevWorkflow grow into the most capable and advanced BPM software available! This past year, cDevWorkflow added:

a new device-agnostic HTML5 interface,
a suite of SharePoint steps,
configuration advances such as “suggestive steps” and
auto-configuration of custom steps and data types, and
support for your applications’ “Business Objects”

Our cDevWorkflow community is growing and our growing […]

Forms Workflow Processes

Using Forms Within Workflow Processes
cDevWorkflow Version 8.1 offers several new workflow steps for handling form-related operations within a workflow process. The following steps are provided:
Using the Instantiate Form step within a Workflow Process
Let’s use the Forms Workflow Definition “TestMainForm” that we created in our last blog. The Form Definition looks like this:

To begin, […]

cDevWorkflow Version 8.1 – What is New?

Dynamic Forms and More!

Use simple drag-and-drop to efficiently build dynamic forms with our HTML5 graphic designer!
cDevWorkflow New Features:

Dynamic Form definitions – Define and manage forms with our new web-based form designer! Build responsive, mobile friendly forms, too!
Dynamic Form Instances – create form instances for displaying and routing information within workflows
Form Steps – Drag and […]

Dynamic Workflow Forms – Version 8.1

Workflow Forms Definitions – Build and manage Dynamic Form definition
Workflow Forms Instances – Build and manage Dynamic Form instances
Workflow Forms Steps – Use form steps to perform form actions within workflow instances
Sub-Forms – Embed workflow forms within forms
Detail Data Rows – Add any number of detail data rows within the form
Form Field visibility – […]

Usability Testing at cDevWorkflow

Improving Workflow Design Efficiency With Usability Testing
Usability Testing was not the primary focus of the product development team.  When cDevWorkflow was originally developed, as most do, we guessed on how the User Interface (UI) should be.  After several years of customer engagements and product enhancements to the workflow software tool itself we thought it was time […]

Powering The Mobile Workflow

Mobile workflow, is no longer the future, it is the present.

With the growing number of mobile applications launched every day an increasing number of these Enterprise mobile workflow applications need server side processing to manage the application processes.  cDevWorkflow is starting to play a major role in these applications by providing the automation and execution […]

Distributed Workflow Architecture

Enterprise wide applications such as a BPM workflow require a distributed workflow architecture in order for the workflow engine to reach peak performance.

In companies around the world there are BPM application performing as they were designed to do yet their outputs vary greatly.  Facts are that as BPM applications process workflow instances, some process a […]

Definition Rendering Version 6.2

Increased performance for the workflow definition rendering engine
Upgrade to DevExpress controls 2.7
Upgrades to the Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer Version 6.0

Workflow Designer enhancements
Additional Workflow Designer tools

Subworkflow Process Version 5.7

subworkflow process  definition list is sorted
subworkflow process, if the child fails, makes the parent workflow fail
Instance API now able to save input variable values for re-executing
Configuration Manager instance list now uses paging
Configuration Manager definition list now uses paging
Instance image is now able to render execution path only
UI controls are upgraded to DevExpress 12.2.6