workflow version history

Workflow Snapshot Versioning That Works

This High Performance Versioning Tool Does More Than Just Track Workflow Versions.

Workflow snapshot versioning provides an essential feature for developers when implementing workflow definitions. Yet among the workflow products on the market today, there is no defined standard for implementation of workflow definition change control. Our Next Generation workflow engine for .Net developers captures […]

Sail Through Regulatory Compliance – Part 2

Sail through Regulatory Compliance with Version Control – Part 2

In the last blog post, we discussed how automated workflow demonstrates to regulators that your company follows its standard operating procedures (SOP.)  Just as important to regulators is your ability to prove to them that you consistently followed your approved version of your SOP.  Regulatory […]

Workflow Version Management Version 7.6

Workflow Version Management
Upgrade to DevExpress 13.2.7
Snapshot management through API
Workflow version history, Snapshot management through workflow designer
Workflow graphical version comparison – Compare snapshots
API code optimizations
Engine optimizations
Re-ordering of menu items