workflow steps

Workflow Engine .Net Version 7.4

Workflow Engine .Net execution optimizations
Workflow Definition pdf report
Workflow Instance pdf report
Task Workflow step timeout
Designer property slider issue fixed
Render definition can drill down to step level properties

Performance Management Version 7.3

Improved workflow performance management on cached step data
Data Access now supports workflow transactions
Improved workflow engine performance for optimized paths
Improved caching of loaded step DLLs
New task choice step, task with configurable return values
Fixed strings with escape characters

Dynamic Optimization Version 6.9

Dynamic optimization to process unique links between steps
Parallel / Non-parallel workflow engine optimization
Configuration Manager UI optimizations
Workflow Engine optimization to process unique links between steps

Workflow Designer Version 6.7

Workflow Designer Upgrade to the Workflow designer UI code
Improved performance for workflow definition validation
Define undefined variables with single click
Code fix for Firefox browser
Automatic database table creation

Workflow Designer Version 6.5

Upgraded Workflow Designer controls to version 2.8
New Stop step to stop the execution of the workflow
Render step can show the evaluated value of an expression
Create instance now will create the instance and execute
Step properties can be organized
Workflow designer will display properties based on order
Workflow Designer is able to import steps from other definitions
Link between steps […]

Definition Rendering Version 6.2

Increased performance for the workflow definition rendering engine
Upgrade to DevExpress controls 2.7
Upgrades to the Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer Version 6.0

Workflow Designer enhancements
Additional Workflow Designer tools

Writing Workflow Steps and Actions

Writing Efficient Workflow Steps Actions With Reusability In Mind.
Designing or writing efficient workflow steps requires our based design framework to be modular and clean.  We designed our cDevWorkflow engine with this principle and now years later we are still able to modify a section of the current version without effecting other modules or previous […]