workflow routing

Routing a Form Using The Workflow Process

Routing a Form Using the Workflow Process
Let’s add to the workflow process that we built in our last blog. Open the “TestFormDef” Workflow Definition using the designer.

Let’s make the process route the newly created Form Document to a user for data entry. Drag and drop a “routeform” step into the designer and connect the […]

Workflow Process Transition Management

Using Workflow Process Transition Values To Improve Workflow Routing and Control

Traditional Business Process Management (BPM) tools do not take into consideration step transitions.  The reality is that todays BPM solutions require process management control options to function efficiently.  Gone are the days where a simple sequencing of workflow steps defined the entire process transition design.   My experiences, after […]

BPM Routing Straightforward and Simple

Uncomplicated BPM Routing

One of the driving factors behind our efforts when creating cDevWorkflow was to develop a powerful business process management (BPM) design engine while maintaining the tools ease of use.
Far to many of the BPM workflow software products on the market today impede your applications performance by requiring additional programing code… that is programmer […]