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Workflow Designer HTML5 for cDevWorkflow

Workflow Designer HTML5 Improves Performance With Process Visualization

We are all very excited about cDevWorkflow’s .NET, C# and Workflow Designer HTML5 tool set and what the user community has accomplished over the past few years.  And as your applications have grown in complexity and speed cDevWorkflow has continued to invest in product develop to stay ahead of the technology […]

Workflow Performance Testing

Workflow performance testing is the best way to insure you have optimized the companies bpm workflow performance.
Workflow Performance Testing is a routine but necessary part of the Business Process Management (BPM) process.  Resulting from our years of building simple to complex workflows for many large biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations, performance testing is a way of […]

Workflow Performance Testing

How many workflow instances can your workflow engine process? Here are the results of our workflow performance benchmark testing.
Occasionally, during or after a product demonstration one of the questions posed from the meeting attendees is concerned with BMP workflow performance or process throughput.  The question is usually:

“What are the workflow performance benchmark testing measurements for […]