workflow optimization

Workflow Instance Rendering Version 7.5

Workflow Instance rendering shows animated execution path
Upgrade to DevExpress 13.2.6
Connection API returns connection points
PNG export from the workflow designer
Fixed duplicate variable validation / definition
Display what steps are using a selected variable
Fixed chrome close designer with a message
Search steps containing a keyword
Create and manage comments within the designer

Workflow Engine .Net Version 7.4

Workflow Engine .Net execution optimizations
Workflow Definition pdf report
Workflow Instance pdf report
Task Workflow step timeout
Designer property slider issue fixed
Render definition can drill down to step level properties

DevExpress Version 5.5

Upgraded the UI controls to DevExpress 12.2
Changed Configuration Manager status to update on page load
Define variables on the Workflow designer toolbar
Added wait image for the rendered workflow instance image
Fixed the step to access other return values
Performance improvements to the designer load code
Added wait image for the rendered execution view
Updated API to provide line colors
Updated […]

BPM Parallel Processing Improves Workflow Optimization

cDevWorkflow’s .Net 4.0+ BPM Parallel Processing Does The Heavy Lifting
Parallel processing workflow is the easiest way to improve workflow throughput and influence workflow optimization efforts.  cDevWorkflow’s BPM engine is able to achieve these high performance levels by using the Microsoft .Net 4.0 framework and parallel processing programming concepts.  This use of technology enables the […]

CodeCamp Embeddable Workflow

cDevWorkflow Presenting at CodeCamp 2011

Here is an exciting opportunity for us to discuss our cDevWorkflow BPM engine with you.

Next month, Saturday May 7th 10:30 AM EST, we will be presenting at CodeCamp 2011 here at the local Microsoft office in Waltham, Massachusetts.

In an effort to create some pre-camp conversations on the BPM topic, this is the outline […]