Workflow instance

Workflow Persistence in Action

How Workflow Software Persistence Is Critical To Companies Disaster Recovery.
A real-world scenario with one of our long term customers who processes change notices for a medical device company. Employees from different departments are able to login to the Change Notice application and initiate Change Notices. Once a Change Notice is submitted, a Workflow Instance […]

BPM Workflow Software Free Demo

Try This Online Workflow Software Free Test Drive.

Try this online BPM Workflow Software free demonstration.  Our Next generation workflow software engine for .Net developers easily embeds into any application providing workflow functionality.
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Nothing to install.
Our Workflow Software Free Evaluation Tool is intended to provide an uncomplicated test drive of our workflow software […]

Business Intelligence Version 8

Business Intelligence report processed by server
Enhanced Business Intelligence report tools
Upgraded Business Intelligence dashboard
Network Traceability – Tracks which server processed the workflow request
Configuration Manager uses toolbars to perform actions with less clicks
Instance rendering shows graphs on step and execution step count
Instance and Sub-Workflow instance navigation
Logging provider, log warnings, errors & messages
Logging provider API
Engine service cleans up generated […]

Graphic Workflow Designer Version 7.9

Graphic Workflow Designer update – Control what workflow step categories are displayed
Reset the step iteration from the step rendered view
Revised API – Remove user functionality
Rendered workflow instance view shows multiple execution paths
Upgrade to DevExpress v14.1
Remove users from UI
Update copy or clone step definition functionality
Updated API – Create step definition
Improved execution of a workflow instance at […]

Subworkflow Process Version 5.7

subworkflow process  definition list is sorted
subworkflow process, if the child fails, makes the parent workflow fail
Instance API now able to save input variable values for re-executing
Configuration Manager instance list now uses paging
Configuration Manager definition list now uses paging
Instance image is now able to render execution path only
UI controls are upgraded to DevExpress 12.2.6

DevExpress Version 5.5

Upgraded the UI controls to DevExpress 12.2
Changed Configuration Manager status to update on page load
Define variables on the Workflow designer toolbar
Added wait image for the rendered workflow instance image
Fixed the step to access other return values
Performance improvements to the designer load code
Added wait image for the rendered execution view
Updated API to provide line colors
Updated […]

SQL Variables Version 5.2

SQL Variables function updated – fixed return value
Performance improvements for copy definition
Performance improvements for workflow instancing
Render instance image with hot spots
Generate image maps for workflow
Specify font colors and sizes for step labels
Specify font colors and sizes for link return values
Email test tool
Variables sorted alphabetical order

Workflow Engine ESB Version 4.0

Workflow Engine ESB Enterprise Service Bus
Firefox certified
Variable validation
Error handling in the design

Workflow Instance Sleep Version 3.8

Workflow Instance Sleep Upgrade
Wait step to make the workflow instance sleep a given number of minutes, hours or days
Various upgrades / fixes for the designer
File system steps to handle directories and files
Render steps using categories

Workflow Instance Management Version 3.6

Workflow instance management and reporting
Link business data to the workflow instance
Setup expressions for link values