Workflow Form Steps

How to Build Dynamic Forms in cDevWorkflow 8.1

Building Dynamic Forms
The latest version of cDevWorkflow brings new Dynamic Form functionality and features. With the new forms interface, users can:

Design and manage form definitions
Instantiate and manage form instances
Embed forms within other forms as sub-forms or grid views
Configure and use database or web-service lookups
Use form specific steps within Workflow processes
Store data from the forms […]

cDevWorkflow Version 8.1 – What is New?

Dynamic Forms and More!

Use simple drag-and-drop to efficiently build dynamic forms with our HTML5 graphic designer!
cDevWorkflow New Features:

Dynamic Form definitions – Define and manage forms with our new web-based form designer! Build responsive, mobile friendly forms, too!
Dynamic Form Instances – create form instances for displaying and routing information within workflows
Form Steps – Drag and […]