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Types of BPM and Workflow Engine Tools

BPM Workflow Engine Tools Provide Leverage

There are many vendors that provide BPM / Workflow Engine tools.  Each has its strengths and weaknesses or pros and cons. Every organization has processes, some are small, some are large, some are efficient, some less so, some are user interactive, and some are non-user interactive. This article is […]

Workflow Rules Engine That Performs

High Performance Workflow Rules Engine Makes A Difference.

Our Workflow Rules Engine is a high performance tool that will enhance your applications performance.  The performance difference comes from the way we designed our workflow rules engine to process information.  This Next Generation workflow rules engine uses in-memory compilation to evaluate compiled expressions.   We invite you to take […]

Workflow Instance Rendering Version 7.5

Workflow Instance rendering shows animated execution path
Upgrade to DevExpress 13.2.6
Connection API returns connection points
PNG export from the workflow designer
Fixed duplicate variable validation / definition
Display what steps are using a selected variable
Fixed chrome close designer with a message
Search steps containing a keyword
Create and manage comments within the designer

Workflow Engine .Net Version 7.4

Workflow Engine .Net execution optimizations
Workflow Definition pdf report
Workflow Instance pdf report
Task Workflow step timeout
Designer property slider issue fixed
Render definition can drill down to step level properties

Definition Rendering Version 6.2

Increased performance for the workflow definition rendering engine
Upgrade to DevExpress controls 2.7
Upgrades to the Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer Version 6.0

Workflow Designer enhancements
Additional Workflow Designer tools

Subworkflow Process Version 5.7

subworkflow process  definition list is sorted
subworkflow process, if the child fails, makes the parent workflow fail
Instance API now able to save input variable values for re-executing
Configuration Manager instance list now uses paging
Configuration Manager definition list now uses paging
Instance image is now able to render execution path only
UI controls are upgraded to DevExpress 12.2.6

DevExpress Version 5.5

Upgraded the UI controls to DevExpress 12.2
Changed Configuration Manager status to update on page load
Define variables on the Workflow designer toolbar
Added wait image for the rendered workflow instance image
Fixed the step to access other return values
Performance improvements to the designer load code
Added wait image for the rendered execution view
Updated API to provide line colors
Updated […]

Expression Evaluation Version 5.3

Expression Evaluation performance improvement
Workflow analysis
Sorted typed collection for storing variables
Define variables that apply to all definitions
Instance variables get defaults values at startup
User session time out set to 30 minutes
Various engine performance improvements
Improvements to expression evaluation

SQL Variables Version 5.2

SQL Variables function updated – fixed return value
Performance improvements for copy definition
Performance improvements for workflow instancing
Render instance image with hot spots
Generate image maps for workflow
Specify font colors and sizes for step labels
Specify font colors and sizes for link return values
Email test tool
Variables sorted alphabetical order