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cDevWorkflow v8.8 Brings Workflow Designer Upgrades

Version 8.8 Workflow Designer Upgrades
cDevWorkflow Version 8.8 includes several upgrades to the Workflow Designer.    Most of these upgrades are based on feedback from our customers. Thanks for your input!

New Designer Toolbox
The toolbox has been reskinned to order the steps by step category and include step display names. A new Search feature has been added […]

Workflow Version Management Version 7.6

Workflow Version Management
Upgrade to DevExpress 13.2.7
Snapshot management through API
Workflow version history, Snapshot management through workflow designer
Workflow graphical version comparison – Compare snapshots
API code optimizations
Engine optimizations
Re-ordering of menu items

Workflow Designer Innovation

Powerful Workflow Design Tool

As with all great workflow design engines, you expect that the tool set if full of innovative and useful features and functions.  cDevWorkflow provides a full graphical workflow designer that is state of the art with many innovative capabilities.

The workflow designer is separated into the following areas:
Workflow Toolbox:

all configured workflow steps […]

Workflow Instance Rendering Version 7.5

Workflow Instance rendering shows animated execution path
Upgrade to DevExpress 13.2.6
Connection API returns connection points
PNG export from the workflow designer
Fixed duplicate variable validation / definition
Display what steps are using a selected variable
Fixed chrome close designer with a message
Search steps containing a keyword
Create and manage comments within the designer

Performance Management Version 7.3

Improved workflow performance management on cached step data
Data Access now supports workflow transactions
Improved workflow engine performance for optimized paths
Improved caching of loaded step DLLs
New task choice step, task with configurable return values
Fixed strings with escape characters

HTML5 workflow designer toolbox Version 7.2

HTML5 workflow designer toolbox steps are categorized using an accordion control
Designer button bar changed to MS Office style toolbar
Engine steps log detail execution details for the audit trail
Performance improvements to the engine
Add log messages to an instance any execution point
Designer code upgrade
Upgrade to DevExpress Ver. 13.1.7

Oracle Workflow Version 7.0

Oracle Workflow Support for Oracle 11g as the database back end
Designer shows incoming / outgoing connections for the selected step
Get / Set dictionary values
Web service api settings are automatically updated from the Configuration Manager settings
Upgrade to DevExpress controls Ver. 13.1.6
Re-Assign tasks from the Configuration Manager
Upload icon file for a given step
Status page displays the connection […]

Process Modeling Software Version 6.8

Improved Workflow .Net Process Modeling Software Engine
Upgraded workflow instance validation features
UI controls upgraded to DevExpress 12.2.10
Created new workflow step – “Rename Instance”
Upgraded UI code for the workflow designer

Workflow Designer Version 6.7

Workflow Designer Upgrade to the Workflow designer UI code
Improved performance for workflow definition validation
Define undefined variables with single click
Code fix for Firefox browser
Automatic database table creation

Workflow Designer Version 6.5

Upgraded Workflow Designer controls to version 2.8
New Stop step to stop the execution of the workflow
Render step can show the evaluated value of an expression
Create instance now will create the instance and execute
Step properties can be organized
Workflow designer will display properties based on order
Workflow Designer is able to import steps from other definitions
Link between steps […]