Windows Workflow

Free Software Licensing with Migration Services Offer

Limited Time Free Software Licensing with Migration Services Offer

Escape Yearly Subscription Fees
Most Popular BPM workflow software platforms on the market require substantial one-time and/or yearly licensing fees. That reality now drives many companies to migrate to less costly, less restrictive licensing alternatives.

We make it easy to migrate efficiently from SharePoint, Windows Workflow, ProcessMaker, Bonita, […]

Workflow Persistence in Action

How Workflow Software Persistence Is Critical To Companies Disaster Recovery.
A real-world scenario with one of our long term customers who processes change notices for a medical device company. Employees from different departments are able to login to the Change Notice application and initiate Change Notices. Once a Change Notice is submitted, a Workflow Instance […]

10 Advantages Over Windows Workflow

Elevate your workflow game above Windows Workflow by choosing cDevWorkflow for added Performance, Scalability, and Business Intelligence

Reason #1  We have a Workflow Designer! – Windows Workflow does not have a web-based graphical workflow designer – but cDevWorkflow does!  Only way to design a workflow in WWF is to install and use Microsoft Visual Studio […]

Windows Workflow Versus cDevWorkflow

Comparing Windows Workflow versus cDevWorkflow

At first glance, Windows Workflow and cDevWorkflow are both software tools.   Each providing a platform to automate business processes.

cDevWorkflow provides the developer with a complete solution.  A development tool that works right out of the box.  And for the user, a software tool that is easy to maintain.  cDevWorkflow is also […]