Web service API

SaaS API Version 7.7

SaaS API – Full
Web service API
API optimizations
SaaS web service API
Expression evaluation class
Fail-over logging and monitoring
Automated fail-over processing
Step names rendered on the toolbox
Abort instance functionality

Oracle Workflow Version 7.0

Oracle Workflow Support for Oracle 11g as the database back end
Designer shows incoming / outgoing connections for the selected step
Get / Set dictionary values
Web service api settings are automatically updated from the Configuration Manager settings
Upgrade to DevExpress controls Ver. 13.1.6
Re-Assign tasks from the Configuration Manager
Upload icon file for a given step
Status page displays the connection […]

Asynchronous or Async Workflow Processing

Async workflow processing permits distributed processing of information between connected BPM components.

There are times when Business Process Management (BPM) workflow processes fail to execute from start to end.  Probably one of the most common workflow execution failures occurs while the instance is in a hold status, waiting for an external event to report prior to continuing to […]

WebService API Version 2.0 released

Workflow Design and Runtime Webservice API
New workflow Step icons