Sub-Workflow Process

Sub Workflow Version 7.8

Sub Workflow API – get parent and sub workflows
API – reset back to source step
Create definition and open in designer
Configuration manager shows new version available
Instance rendering shows sub workflow drill down
Definition rendering shows sub workflow drill down
Workflow Link Priority
Runtime API execution mode
Removed path dependency for data types
Removed path dependency for steps
Designer shows version next […]

Subworkflow Process Version 5.7

subworkflow process  definition list is sorted
subworkflow process, if the child fails, makes the parent workflow fail
Instance API now able to save input variable values for re-executing
Configuration Manager instance list now uses paging
Configuration Manager definition list now uses paging
Instance image is now able to render execution path only
UI controls are upgraded to DevExpress 12.2.6

Sub-Workflow Process in cDevWorkflow

Adding sub-workflow process steps to your workflow designs just got easier.

Now beginning with the availability of cDevWorkflow’s verision release 1.5, workflow designers have access to our sub-workflow process tool within the workflow design toolbox.   Adding sub-workflow process steps is as simple as dragging the sub-workflow process icon from the toolbox and dropping it […]