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Sail Through Regulatory Compliance – Part 2

Sail through Regulatory Compliance with Version Control – Part 2

In the last blog post, we discussed how automated workflow demonstrates to regulators that your company follows its standard operating procedures (SOP.)  Just as important to regulators is your ability to prove to them that you consistently followed your approved version of your SOP.  Regulatory […]

Sail Through Regulatory Compliance – Part 1

Sail Through Regulatory Compliance with Workflow Software – Part 1
Workflow software is an extremely effective regulatory compliance tool.  Regulations require that organizations consistently, repeatably, and accurately follow standards and guidelines.  Regulatory agencies also require that organizations document their processes and verify that documentation is accurate and under revision control. Workflow software organizes, automates, and […]

How BPM Workflow Six Sigma ISO and 5S Fit

Supporting BPM Workflow Six Sigma ISO and 5S Requirements Globally.

Over the years every company regardless of their business model, their market or even the number of employees, has spent time implementing workflow policies and procedures.  The facts are, that every company has spent considerable amount of time and resources seeking ways to improve these work […]

Building Regulatory Workflow Solutions

Designing Compliant Regulatory Workflow Tools That Work.

When building regulatory workflow solutions there are five important areas to focus on for these compliant industry needs:

Insure that data is never removed from the application
Must have an audit history of all actions, recording which user took what action within the system
All records must be under revision control
When items are deleted, only […]