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Workflow Performance Testing

Workflow performance testing is the best way to insure you have optimized the companies bpm workflow performance.
Workflow Performance Testing is a routine but necessary part of the Business Process Management (BPM) process.  Resulting from our years of building simple to complex workflows for many large biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations, performance testing is a way of […]

Workflow Process Visibility

How Process Visibility Builds User Workflow Knowledge

Converting existing partially automated or entirely manual workflow processes into a fully automated Business Process Management (BPM) solution may be accomplished in a number of ways.  Traditionally these BPM Workflow implementations are initially designed so that they mirror the existing either partially automated or entirely manual workflow processes.

The reason for this […]

Knowledge Management Innovation

Communicating Knowledge Management Workflow Using Pictures

Workflow knowledge management through the use of graphically displayed process information has been a mainstay on the factory floor for decades.  Workflow knowledge products are finally catching up to the capabilities of process control products available within the industrial automation and control markets.   Why it has taken twenty years for companies to […]