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8 Things You Might Not Get With Open Source Workflow

Defining the gap between the features and functionality that you need and what you get with Free or Open Source Workflow software is critical.
There are many Workflow/BPM products on the market today – some free, some open source workflow, and some requiring high-end licensing fees.  While you often get what you pay for, even […]

Workflow Designer Innovation

Powerful Workflow Design Tool

As with all great workflow design engines, you expect that the tool set if full of innovative and useful features and functions.  cDevWorkflow provides a full graphical workflow designer that is state of the art with many innovative capabilities.

The workflow designer is separated into the following areas:
Workflow Toolbox:

all configured workflow steps […]

HTML5 workflow designer toolbox Version 7.2

HTML5 workflow designer toolbox steps are categorized using an accordion control
Designer button bar changed to MS Office style toolbar
Engine steps log detail execution details for the audit trail
Performance improvements to the engine
Add log messages to an instance any execution point
Designer code upgrade
Upgrade to DevExpress Ver. 13.1.7

Knowledge Management Innovation

Communicating Knowledge Management Workflow Using Pictures

Workflow knowledge management through the use of graphically displayed process information has been a mainstay on the factory floor for decades.  Workflow knowledge products are finally catching up to the capabilities of process control products available within the industrial automation and control markets.   Why it has taken twenty years for companies to […]