expression evaluation

SaaS API Version 7.7

SaaS API – Full
Web service API
API optimizations
SaaS web service API
Expression evaluation class
Fail-over logging and monitoring
Automated fail-over processing
Step names rendered on the toolbox
Abort instance functionality

Expression Evaluation Version 5.3

Expression Evaluation performance improvement
Workflow analysis
Sorted typed collection for storing variables
Define variables that apply to all definitions
Instance variables get defaults values at startup
User session time out set to 30 minutes
Various engine performance improvements
Improvements to expression evaluation

Enterprise Service Bus Heart Beat Monitor Version 5.0

Enterprise Service bus heart beat monitor
Link context menu to remove the link
Link color coding
Popup windows for functionality
Button icons
Rich text data type
Workflow service heart beat monitor
Enterprise Service bus heart beat monitoring
Expression evaluation tool
Fix for variable case

Expression Evaluation Version 4.7

New in memory compiled expression evaluation engine
Check for duplicate variables
Render error types in the execution view
Render variable states through each execution iteration
Map SQL data to variables step

Workflow Expression Evaluation

Any Workflow That Executes In Visual Studio Can Be Evaluated In cDevWorkflow With Our Workflow Expression Evaluation Tool.
Expressions are extremely valuable tools to any code level programming.  And then it should come as no surprise that workflow expressions are equally as important with Business Process Management (BPM) solutions.

Previous cDevWorkflow versions were all built using an intelligent workflow expression […]