Enterprise service bus

Process Flow vs Data Flow

Managing Business Data and Process Flows

All business process management (BPM) solutions break process information into two (2) main informational flows.   These BPM components are called control flow and data flow, just like any other software application.

Control flow is how the workflow process the flow of information from one step to another based on the design logic conditions, rules, […]

Enterprise Service Bus ESB Workflow Power

ESB Workflow Connects The Work With the Information

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is not one of those network communication theoretical concepts that you hear about but probably will not see for a long time. Enterprise Service Bus or ESB actually does exist and has been implemented in many different forms and applications. At this time […]

Enterprise Service Bus Workflow Engine

Enterprise Service Bus connects your workflow platform and your Enterprise systems.
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Event frameworks have existed for many years to connect and communicate between systems.  Some send messages, some perform remote procedure calls and some do SOA to communicate.  When we designed the ESB we focused on two key attributes:

Ease of use
High […]

Workflow Engine ESB Version 4.0

Workflow Engine ESB Enterprise Service Bus
Firefox certified
Variable validation
Error handling in the design