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cDevWorkflow – Suggestive Steps

Suggestive Steps Make Developing and Maintaining Workflows More Efficient and Intuitive.
When programming workflows, one type of step may often nearly follow another. For example, perhaps you always use a “task” step after a “decision” step, or use an “xpath” step after getting some xml from the previous step. cDevWorkflow v8.6 now gives you a […]

Workflow Efficiency Begins With Design

Workflow efficiency is a proven method to maximize organizational efficiency by minimizing the use of both time and resources.
Just like drawing a process on a whiteboard, a workflow process design can be accomplished in several different ways as well.

However, there are decidedly fewer options available when the goal is to create a workflow design which […]

Writing Workflow Steps and Actions

Writing Efficient Workflow Steps Actions With Reusability In Mind.
Designing or writing efficient workflow steps requires our based design framework to be modular and clean.  We designed our cDevWorkflow engine with this principle and now years later we are still able to modify a section of the current version without effecting other modules or previous […]