adaptive workflow management

Adaptive Workflow Processing

Challenge Your Limits With Adaptive Workflow Processing

Adaptive workflow processing is a reality for processes that have been automated.  Adaptive workflow processing, like the organization, grow or transform with changes every year.

BPM is a cyclic process where you automate, execute, monitor, adjust and back to execute.  Most processes start with the basics but then as more and more […]

CodeCamp Embeddable Workflow

cDevWorkflow Presenting at CodeCamp 2011

Here is an exciting opportunity for us to discuss our cDevWorkflow BPM engine with you.

Next month, Saturday May 7th 10:30 AM EST, we will be presenting at CodeCamp 2011 here at the local Microsoft office in Waltham, Massachusetts.

In an effort to create some pre-camp conversations on the BPM topic, this is the outline […]