Refresh Workflow Instances Saves Time and Money

Refresh Workflow Instances Saves Time and Money

Refresh Workflow Instances Management Enables Both Reset and Refresh Workflow Functionality

Refresh Workflow Instances are instantiated from workflow definitions and store both the parent design and the runtime data of the execution. On occasion, it may be helpful to update the definition of a running workflow instance in order to incorporate the latest design improvements. cDevWorkflow provides four levels of refresh workflow instance management enabling both reset and refresh workflow functionality.

How to Reset Workflow Instances

Refresh Workflow Instance –Resets the complete workflow instance, getting the latest design from the definition.

Refresh Workflow Instance to Step –Resets the workflow instance to a specific workflow step execution or iteration.

Refresh Workflow Instances

Reset or Refresh Workflow Instances

How to Refresh Workflow Instance Step Definitions

Refresh Workflow Step Properties from Design –Let’s say you just executed a Workflow Instance and the execution failed on step #3. After investigating the rendered instance and step properties, you make a change to the design to fix the problem. Instead of starting a new workflow instance, Version 7.9 of cDevWorkflow lets you refresh the design for that step and then continue execution.

Refresh Workflow Non-Executed Steps from Design –cDevWorkflow Version 7.9 also offers an option to refresh the design of all non-executed steps within the workflow instance.

Refresh Workflow Instances Definitions

Refresh Workflow Instances Definitions

Manage Workflow Instance Tools

Updating a workflow definition of an active or running workflow instances by either resetting or refreshing the  instance saves time and money when debugging a workflow or incorporating workflow design improvements.

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