Integrating cDevWorkflow with your Application.

Integrating Workflow with your application has been made a whole lot easier with our cDevWorkflow BPM Solution.

Integrating Workflow Samples

Integrating Workflow Samples Just 3 Steps


Follow these three application building steps and your integrating workflow chores will be as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 also. 

With cDevWorkflow, it could be just that straight forward.

Integrating Workflow Steps

cDevWorkflow can be integrated into your application in 3 steps, here is how:

  1. Build a page to display Workflow Definitions
  2. Build a page to display Workflow Instances
  3. Build a page to display Tasks

For additional information on this topic please visit the Configuration Manager  section of our FAQ section for an example of how to implement the above pages.  Overall the process is very straight forward an uncomplicated to implement.    

Why Choose cDevWorkflow .NET Workflow Engine

  • BPM .NET Workflow Engine every team member finds easy to use
  • One environment for designing, testing, running and optimizing
  • Highest ROI for BPM projects
  • HTML5 advantages combined with Graphical Designer functionality
  • Embeddable BPM .NET Workflow Engine – Powerful and Scalable

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