Managing Workflow Performance With Archival Tool

Archiving Workflow Instances

Powerful Tool Provides Managing Workflow Functionality For Creating And Archiving Workflow Instances.

Workflow instances are routinely generated and the ability to monitor workflow status and archive completed instances is critical. Over time, without proper administrative tools in place BPM Workflow performance decreases. Performance and information integrity depend on good administration tools. cDevWorkflow’s administration dashboard provides these tools.

Workflow instances have a discrete number of potential states. The two most likely states are “running” or “completed” (successfully.) Workflow instances may also be in a “hold” state, pending the resolution of either an error or secondary operation. And, more rarely, workflows by be terminated and realize “abort” status.

cDevWorkflow provides efficient managing workflow tools for administrators to monitor workflow status and progress. Administrators use tabs located on the convenient dashboard toolbar to workflow states and progress, as well as to search details of completed or aborted workflows.

Archiving workflows, like archiving email or other data, improves system performance. Workflow environments, especially high-frequency or highly sophisticated implementation, benefit enormously from archival. cDevWorkflow provides archival tools that get implementation tuned up for optimal execution performance. Administrators use cDevWorkflow tools to set up automated archival based on a simple or custom schedule.

Completed workflow instances and their related data are moved to the archived workflow database tables for future reference – and this can greatly improve the performance of the main Workflow Instance tables.

Workflows can be archived using either of two methods:

  1. Administrators can manually archive all workflow instances of a given workflow design.
  2. Administrators can programmatically archive instances.
Managing Workflow Instances

Managing Workflow Instances

After selecting a Workflow Definition, administrators click the “Archive” button on the toolbar to archive all instances of that definition. And individual instances can be archived using the Instances tab on the Configuration Manager.  Administrators have only to select an Instance and then click the “Archive” button on the toolbar to archive the instance.

Managing Workflow Instance

Managing Workflow Instance

cDevWorkflow’s Version 8 provides this powerful Managing Workflow functionality for programmatically creating and archiving Workflow Instances.

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