Enterprise Service BusEnterprise Service Bus connects your workflow platform and your Enterprise systems.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Event frameworks have existed for many years to connect and communicate between systems.  Some send messages, some perform remote procedure calls and some do SOA to communicate.  When we designed the ESB we focused on two key attributes:

  • Ease of use
  • High performance

After talking with several of our customers and industry experts, the design of the ESB boiled down to the above two key criteria.  So we designed the ESB around ease of use, and high performance.

Ease of Use:

  • Events are defined
  • Event handlers are defined
  • Events are hooked to event handlers
  • Events are published and executed
Enterprise Service Bus Define Events

Enterprise Service Bus Define Events

It’s that simple.  You can define any Event that you want, just by entering an Event category and a name.

Enterprise Service Bus Event Handlers

Enterprise Service Bus Event Handlers

Build an Event handler, just like building a Workflow step/action, and then register the Event handler in the system.

Enterprise Service Bus Event Subscribers

Enterprise Service Bus Event Subscribers

Assign Event handlers to Events and that’s it.  Any Events that you publish will be processed using the Event definition information.

Events can be published using the API or using the Web service.  Events can also have parameters info, this information will be passed down to each of the Event handlers.

High Performance:

Event processing engine is built to handle very large amounts of events, it uses a software algorithm with the available hardware to achieve this.

ESB is a great addition to the cDevWorkflow platform for connecting Enterprise system together.  Now you can have SAP instantiating workflow instances in cDevWorkflow


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