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Workflow Link Priority Improves Multi-Path Performance

Workflow Link Priority Answers That “What path should I take first?” Question.
Without Workflow Link Priority settings, many decision-based workflows will either waste processing time or fail to completely execute the workflow instance.   In decision management systems around the globe, companies require workflows with multiple path capabilities and control of which workflow path should be […]

6 Considerations For Workflow Make Buy Decisions

Our Experiences Making That Workflow Engine Make Buy Decision
Workflow is a part of every business process application.  When you define an application, you seek to understand the:

Business objects you need to define and manage,
Processes that create and modify and manage those objects,
User interfaces that people need to use your application effectively, and
Reports that users […]

8 Things You Might Not Get With Open Source Workflow

Defining the gap between the features and functionality that you need and what you get with Free or Open Source Workflow software is critical.
There are many Workflow/BPM products on the market today – some free, some open source workflow, and some requiring high-end licensing fees.  While you often get what you pay for, even […]

Step Logging Extends Workflow Functionality

Step Logging Adds Details to Workflow Audit Reports
The Step logging or Action logging features available in cDevWorkflow custom steps can extend the functionality of your workflow designs. You can write these custom steps using C# or VB.NET by implementing our simple deIStep interface.  We have kept the deIStep interface straightforward and uncomplicated, so that […]

CMMI and Workflow: the Key to CMMI Level 5

CMMI and Workflow: the Key to Capabilities Maturity Model Integration
Implementing Capabilities Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a requirement to do business with the US Department of Defense and by many other US agencies.  Businesses that implement CMMI can show others that they understand their own processes, that they use them, that they can measure […]

Sail Through Regulatory Compliance – Part 2

Sail through Regulatory Compliance with Version Control – Part 2

In the last blog post, we discussed how automated workflow demonstrates to regulators that your company follows its standard operating procedures (SOP.)  Just as important to regulators is your ability to prove to them that you consistently followed your approved version of your SOP.  Regulatory […]

Sail Through Regulatory Compliance – Part 1

Sail Through Regulatory Compliance with Workflow Software – Part 1
Workflow software is an extremely effective regulatory compliance tool.  Regulations require that organizations consistently, repeatably, and accurately follow standards and guidelines.  Regulatory agencies also require that organizations document their processes and verify that documentation is accurate and under revision control. Workflow software organizes, automates, and […]

Components of a Successful BPM Project

5 Must Have Components For Successful BPM Projects
Compiling a list of what it takes to insure a successful BPM (business process management) implementation could be a lengthy and time consuming endeavor.   Here are 5 (five), must have components on your list in order to insure a successful BPM project.
1. Create a resource team comprised of all the […]

Multi-tenant Support Architecture

Multi-tenant Support Using SaaS Architecture
Imagine that you have recently completed construction on a multi-tenant, twenty unit apartment building.  While each unit has some distinctive details that set it apart from the others, at the core each unit is identical.  You purchased and installed twenty of the exact same stainless steel refrigerators, ovens, washers and […]

Workflow Failover Processing

Workflow Failover And Redundant Network System Designs
Workflow failover is a critical component within redundant production network system designs.  Regardless of the marketplace,  whenever the processing of workflow requirements are concerned, what the end user cares about most is application availability.  This is how we live our lives.  When we want the information – we want it now […]