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Processing Based On Events

Event-based processing is a very powerful functionality when designing workflow applications.
Event-based processing is a concept that migrated from the hardware world to the software world. In the hardware world, interrupts can be used to handle events. For example, when a USB thumb drive is plugged into a USB port, a hardware interrupt is raised […]

Types of BPM and Workflow Engine Tools

BPM Workflow Engine Tools Provide Leverage

There are many vendors that provide BPM / Workflow Engine tools.  Each has its strengths and weaknesses or pros and cons. Every organization has processes, some are small, some are large, some are efficient, some less so, some are user interactive, and some are non-user interactive. This article is […]

Implementing Workflow Reduces Development Cycle Time

Learn How To Save Time And Money On Your Development Projects Today By Implementing Workflow.

Using workflow to implement the business process layer of your custom applications can save time and money. With a hard-coded process layer, adapting to evolving business practices requires software developer resources to make application updates. You either rely on the […]

Is Your Workflow Process Technology Holding You Back?

The Future of Workflow Process Automation Technology
Workflow processes are automated each and every day. Some are simple, while others are long and complex. How well a workflow process is automated can depend on the technology used. Many of the existing BPM workflow products deployed in companies around the world are based on the office […]

How to Reset or Refresh Workflow Instances

Workflow Instance Management Enables Both Reset and Refresh Workflow Functionality
Workflow instances are instantiated from workflow definitions and store both the parent design and the runtime data of the execution. On occasion, it may be helpful to update the definition of a running workflow instance in order to incorporate the latest design improvements. cDevWorkflow provides […]

Workflow Snapshot Versioning That Works

This High Performance Versioning Tool Does More Than Just Track Workflow Versions.

Workflow snapshot versioning provides an essential feature for developers when implementing workflow definitions. Yet among the workflow products on the market today, there is no defined standard for implementation of workflow definition change control. Our Next Generation workflow engine for .Net developers captures […]

Powerful .NET Workflow Component Choice

Stop Settling For .NET Workflow Components That Do Not Fit Your Application

.NET workflow components that meet all your technical and business requirements are hard to find.
.NET workflow component technical attributes

Our search for an embeddable .NET workflow component had this “must have” list of three important technical attributes:

Thin-client (browser) workflow design environment
Workflow engine
Readily integrates with […]

Enhancing Workflow Business Intelligence Tools

Putting your workflow business intelligence metadata to work building key performance indicators and process scorecards just got easier.

The new workflow business intelligence features and enhancements included within the cDevWorkflow’s Version 7.9 release are designed to help you do more with less effort. This article will describe a few examples of workflow business intelligence now […]

Workflow Link Priority Improves Multi-Path Performance

Workflow Link Priority Answers That “What path should I take first?” Question.
Without Workflow Link Priority settings, many decision-based workflows will either waste processing time or fail to completely execute the workflow instance.   In decision management systems around the globe, companies require workflows with multiple path capabilities and control of which workflow path should be […]

6 Considerations For Workflow Make Buy Decisions

Our Experiences Making That Workflow Engine Make Buy Decision

Workflow is a part of every business process application.  When you define an application, you seek to understand the:

Business objects you need to define and manage,
Processes that create and modify and manage those objects,
User interfaces that people need to use your application effectively, and
Reports that users […]