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Error handling in cDevWorkflow

BPM Workflow Error Handling in cDevWorkflow
As with any software, error handling and information message handling can be very helpful.  cDevWorkflow provides error and information message handling in several areas of the application.


These messages are stored in cDevWorkflow’s message log which can be accessed through the “Status” menu item.


The above UI will render last 10 […]

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Moving Form Data between Forms within a Process

Putting Process Form Data to Work
Using the “moveformdata” step, mappings can be configured to move data between two Form Instances. Open the “TestFormDef” Workflow Definition from our last blog and add second “instantiateForm” step to the process. Connect the new step to the last step on the process.

Next, select the “start” step and […]

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Renaming the Form Instance within the Process

Workflow Form Instance Renaming
In our March 14th blog we added a “lastName” variable to our “TestFormDef” workflow definition and mapped the value from the “txtLastName” form field to our new workflow process variable. Today let’s rename the Form Instance using the value stored in the “lastName” workflow process variable.

Open the existing “TestFormDef” workflow definition in […]

Mapping Form Field Values to Workflow Process Variables

Mapping Form Field Values
In our March 2nd blog we used the workflow process to route a form for data entry. Let’s revisit that “TestFormDef” workflow definition and look at mapping a form field value to a workflow process variable.

Open the “TestFormDef” workflow definition in the designer for editing. Drag and drop a “getFormFieldValues” step […]

Using Workflow Form to Retrieve Data From External Sources

Using Lookups Within a Form to Retrieve Data From External Sources
When entering data into a cDevWorkflow form instance, values can be looked up in real-time from other systems using database connections or web-service connections. In order to configure lookups, you must first define your connections to retrieve data. From the cDevWorkflow Configuration Manager, let’s […]

Displaying Images on Workflow Forms

How To Display Images on Workflow Forms
Today we will demonstrate how to add an image to your workflow forms. Let us edit the “TestFormFile” workflow form definition created in our last blog. Select the Forms->Form Definitions menu option.

Select the “TestFormFile” row in the definition list and click the “Design” toolbar button to open the […]

Using the File Attachment Control within a Form

Workflow Form File Attachment Control
Users are able to attach one or more files to a given form by using the file attachment control within a form. To demonstrate, let’s create a new form called “TestFormFile”.

Navigate to the form definitions tab using the main cDevWorkflow menu.

Click the “Create” toolbar button. Enter the form definition name […]

Routing a Form Using The Workflow Process

Routing a Form Using the Workflow Process
Let’s add to the workflow process that we built in our last blog. Open the “TestFormDef” Workflow Definition using the designer.

Let’s make the process route the newly created Form Document to a user for data entry. Drag and drop a “routeform” step into the designer and connect the […]

Forms Workflow Processes

Using Forms Within Workflow Processes
cDevWorkflow Version 8.1 offers several new workflow steps for handling form-related operations within a workflow process. The following steps are provided:
Using the Instantiate Form step within a Workflow Process
Let’s use the Forms Workflow Definition “TestMainForm” that we created in our last blog. The Form Definition looks like this:

To begin, […]

How to Build Dynamic Forms in cDevWorkflow 8.1

Building Dynamic Forms
The latest version of cDevWorkflow brings new Dynamic Form functionality and features. With the new forms interface, users can:

Design and manage form definitions
Instantiate and manage form instances
Embed forms within other forms as sub-forms or grid views
Configure and use database or web-service lookups
Use form specific steps within Workflow processes
Store data from the forms […]