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Forms Workflow Processes

Using Forms Within Workflow Processes
cDevWorkflow Version 8.1 offers several new workflow steps for handling form-related operations within a workflow process. The following steps are provided:
Using the Instantiate Form step within a Workflow Process
Let’s use the Forms Workflow Definition “TestMainForm” that we created in our last blog. The Form Definition looks like this:

To begin, […]

How to Build Dynamic Forms in cDevWorkflow 8.1

Building Dynamic Forms
The latest version of cDevWorkflow brings new Dynamic Form functionality and features. With the new forms interface, users can:

Design and manage form definitions
Instantiate and manage form instances
Embed forms within other forms as sub-forms or grid views
Configure and use database or web-service lookups
Use form specific steps within Workflow processes
Store data from the forms […]

cDevWorkflow 2014 End of the Year Message

cDevWorkflow 2014 End of the Year Message
cDevWorkflow 8.0 included many new features because our users (maybe you!) told us they were important! Version 8.1 is coming up and includes brand new forms functionality! Recently, we optimized the workflow engine and rendering engine, too.

Over the past year, we focused on Business Intelligence features and added […]

Free Software Licensing with Migration Services Offer

Limited Time Free Software Licensing with Migration Services Offer

Escape Yearly Subscription Fees
Most Popular BPM workflow software platforms on the market require substantial one-time and/or yearly licensing fees. That reality now drives many companies to migrate to less costly, less restrictive licensing alternatives.

We make it easy to migrate efficiently from SharePoint, Windows Workflow, ProcessMaker, Bonita, […]

cDevWorkflow Version 8.1 – What is New?

Dynamic Forms and More!

Use simple drag-and-drop to efficiently build dynamic forms with our HTML5 graphic designer!
cDevWorkflow New Features:

Dynamic Form definitions – Define and manage forms with our new web-based form designer! Build responsive, mobile friendly forms, too!
Dynamic Form Instances – create form instances for displaying and routing information within workflows
Form Steps – Drag and […]

Workflow Persistence in Action

How Workflow Software Persistence Is Critical To Companies Disaster Recovery.
A real-world scenario with one of our long term customers who processes change notices for a medical device company. Employees from different departments are able to login to the Change Notice application and initiate Change Notices. Once a Change Notice is submitted, a Workflow Instance […]

BPM Workflow Software Free Demo

Try This Online Workflow Software Free Test Drive.

Try this online BPM Workflow Software free demonstration.  Our Next generation workflow software engine for .Net developers easily embeds into any application providing workflow functionality.
Nothing to download.
Nothing to install.
Our Workflow Software Free Evaluation Tool is intended to provide an uncomplicated test drive of our workflow software […]

10 Advantages Over Windows Workflow

Elevate your workflow game above Windows Workflow by choosing cDevWorkflow for added Performance, Scalability, and Business Intelligence

Reason #1  We have a Workflow Designer! – Windows Workflow does not have a web-based graphical workflow designer – but cDevWorkflow does!  Only way to design a workflow in WWF is to install and use Microsoft Visual Studio […]

Managing Workflow Performance

Powerful Tool Provides Managing Workflow Functionality For Creating And Archiving Workflow Instances.
Workflow instances are routinely generated and the ability to monitor workflow status and archive completed instances is critical. Over time, without proper administrative tools in place BPM Workflow performance decreases. Performance and information integrity depend on good administration tools. cDevWorkflow’s administration dashboard provides […]

Event Based Workflow Processing

Event based processing is a very powerful functionality when designing workflow applications.
Event based processing is a concept that migrated from the hardware world to the software world. In the hardware world, interrupts can be used to handle events. For example, when a USB thumb drive is plugged into a USB port, a hardware interrupt […]