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cDevWorkflow is the next generation workflow engine for .Net developers

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blog_opt_3Ease of Use
Our graphical workflow designer requires no special training.
blog_opt_3Business Process Management tools enable users to track and control business activities.
blog_opt_3Business Intelligence tools real-time process information: more throughput, less effort.
blog_opt_3Embeddable Process Decision Engine increases workflow efficiencies by using runtime execution data .


For anyone that wants to add real BPM and workflow into their system at an affordable price I would highly recommend cDevWorkflow – we really made the right move.
Jeff Ruessell, GeniusHR
We recently made the upgrade from Invensys-Skelta to cDevWorkflow and the results have been great. The move to cDevWorkflow has made our Change Notice System faster, more efficient as well as meet all our needs.
Joseph Eble, Regulatory Affairs Associate
The world’s best, cost effective workflow software for companies looking for well supported, working software at 50% of the price.
Dan Tyre, Hubspot
Users come up to speed fast

  • Easy to use graphical web based designer
  • Integrates into any application in 3 easy steps
  • Build and execute workflows easily and intuitively
  • Seamlessly upgrade from version to version
Most powerful and flexible BPM available

  • Distribute the load over multiple servers
  • Workflows are pre-processed and optimized for execution
  • Workflows are compiled and expressions are evaluated in memory
Fastest ROI among BPM products

  • Fewest man hours needed to configure and integrate
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Reasonable ongoing license and upgrade fees

Why Choose cDevWorkflow

  • BPM Engine every team member finds easy to use
  • One environment for designing, testing, running and optimizing
  • Highest ROI for BPM projects
  • HTML5 advantages combined with Graphical Designer functionality
  • Embeddable BPM Engine – Powerful and Scalable